Monday, July 15, 2013

TL;DR: Not Supporting This Kickstarter Is Un-American

YO.  Listen defuq up.

So American McGee's kicked a starter.  Started a kick, whatever.  Yes, another one.  Oh, come on...  All right, yes, I know, the last one wasn't the most successful thing ever,

but American and the Spicy Horse Crew (why oh why is that not a band name) are back, with bigger ambition and a shitload more focus.  They're not just coming out of the gates swinging for the fences, putting haymakers left and right; ain't no Luke Skywalker trying to hit a drone blindfolded; these fuckers know their target now and they're gunning for it with timely and specially-skilled Liam Neeson punches.

+2 Taken Reference of Awesome

Not to say I wouldn't have loved to see an Oz thing.  But guize... Alice is coming back either way, and with a little bit of cash out of all our pockets, that way can be fucking major.

Check it, bitches:

"Waaaahhhh, it's not a game; it's not the exact same big chunk of painstakingly-crafted media that I would've made to fit all my bullshit fanboy/girl expectations," said every person who didn't read the freaking memo.  Guys, do you really think they're gonna bring Alice back with a one-two punch and NOT make another game?  As a freaking gaming company, do you really think they would do that?

American, in case you're reading this... that's not what's happening, right?
Btw, you look like you front a 90s industrial band in this picture.  Not a bad thing. #mancrush

But forreal, OF COURSE THEY'RE MAKING ANOTHER GAME, NINCOMPOOPS.  Again... they're a game company.  "They" being Spicy Horse.  It's what they do.  They know we want it; they'll deliver.

Back to the actual Kickstarter at hand.  Alice: Otherlands is to the Alice series as the Animatrix was to The Matrix.  What Halo Legends was to Halo.  And you know what those other two things were?  Those other analogous things that've already been made?  That's right, fucking awesome.  Seriously, if you A) don't think this is gonna be great or B) are seriously gonna sit up there pouting on your high horse, then you need to... to... I don't know.  To shut up and get me a beer.  Or something.


Tomorrow, when my newest paycheck's gone through, while I'm sitting at my desk at my safe little internship, know what I'm gonna do?  I'm gonna go online and donate 75 dollars of that bitch.  That's right... on my muthafuckin' lunch break.

Okay, seriously.  If you really love video games, if you really love the crazy minds of Lewis Carroll and American McGee, if you really want to see the advancement of video games as a storytelling medium and assist its crossover with other media, I strongly suggest donating to this new campaign.  There's a few handfuls of game developers out there that share a similar vision, that want what we want even more than we do, and those handfuls are growing and growing, but you know who was one of the first to join that fold?  One of the first front-line gaming visionaries, fighting for this medium's artistry, one of the first to be scooped up by Art's metaphorical hand and stare up into its face and show no goddamn fear?

That's American.

If anyone deserves our respect, our admiration, our support, and yes, our cash, it's American McGee.

So one more time:

Thank you.

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